Navid Salehnamadi


About Me

My name is Navid Salehnamadi ( in persian "نوید صالح‌نمدی"). I'm a Software Engineering Ph.D. student in University of California, Irvine (UCI). I have worked in Cafe Bazaar as a product manager. I'm intreseted in Software Engineering.


Ph.D. Software Engineering
Currently I'm a research assistant at SEAL under supervision of \href{}{Prof. Malek}.
University of California, Irvine
M.Sc. Computer Engineering - Algorithms and Computation
Thesis: Approximation Algorithms for Geometry Optimization in the Sliding Window Model Under supervision of Dr. Zarrabi-Zadeh GPA : 17.58 out of 20 We introduced a framework for approximating a family of geometry optimization problems (such as k-center) in the Sliding Window Model. Our method improved the best approximation factor of k-center problem from 6 to 2+epsilon.
Sharif University of Technology
B.Sc. Software Engineering
Thesis: Influence Maximization on Community-Structured Social Networks. Under supervision of Dr. Asadpour GPA : 3.54 out of 4 - 17.18 out of 20
University of Tehran
High school Student
My school was under supervision of NODET (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents), Tehran, Iran GPA : 19.06 out of 20
Allameh Helli High School

Research Interests

Software Engineering

I have to take up a lot of challenges in my work and our software engineerings paradigms. I have worked in Cafe Bazaar which is one of the most famous and popular android markets in Iran (with +31 million users). Our users were growing rapidly, as a result, scalling up our services and working with big data has became more challenging.

Human Computer Interaction
I'm taking Interaction Design specialization by Scott Klemmer in coursera now. Passed Course:

Human Centered Design: an Introduction, Design Principle: an Introduction, Input And Interactions - (Average grade: 95.13/100)

I learned more about HCI and user cognitive model when I was working on a CRM panel in Cafe Bazaar .

Algorithms and Social Network Analysis

Related Research:

M.Sc. Thesis: Approximation Algorithms for Geometry Optimization in the Sliding Window Model

We introduced a framework for approximating a family of geometry optimization problems (such as $k$-center) in the Sliding Window Model. Our method improved the best approximation factor of $k$-center problem from 6 to 2+$\epsilon$.

B.Sc. Thesis: Influence maximization on community-structured social networks (Code, Persian Report)

I tried to solve influence maximization problem on social network more efficiently by considering its communities hierarchy structure. My main idea was using the hierarchy of communities to narrow down our search in complex and big social networks. Most of the influence maximization algorithms are based on the state of the art research by D. Kempe (here) and one of its descendant and improved algorithm is known as celf++ which works only on independent cascade model. The most related research on my topic was this paper which I merge this algorithm with my idea to reduce the time. The result showed that it can reduce time consumption but this improvement was dependent on the network's structure.

Who's The Boss? - find the most influenced people in friendship groups based on facebook profiles' photos (Code, Report )

In this project we tried to produce a dataset for analysing individual influences on a social network. We adopted our method mostly from this paper. In short, we showed the visitors a picture from their facebook account, then the system asked them if they are going to a trip or cinema with some of the people who were tagged in the picture or not? After that we retrieved all data and createed a weighted graph which represented their influence power on the others.

Passed Courses: Approximation Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Randomized Algorithms, Social Networks, Game Theory

Working Experience

Cafe Bazaar (Android Market)
Cafe Bazaar is one of the most popular android market in Iran (with more than +31 million). My last positions back there were the product manager and team leader of Cafe Bazaar's developers panel. Before that I was responsible for redesigning an internal system which is similar to a CRM panel and it increased its users performance about 4 times.
Tehran, Iran
Product Manager - Team Leader
Sep 2015 - Jun 2017
Web Developer
Spring 2017
VAHED (to access click here) is an online service to help students to choose their courses and arrange their weekly plan easier, developed in Ruby on Rails. Unver supervision of ACM Student Chapter, University of Tehran
Summer 2014 - Now
DM Contest
DM Contest (to access click here) is an online platform to encourage students learn Discrete Mathematics by buying problems or bid in auctions and play funny games. Unver supervision of ACM Student Chapter, University of Tehran This has been made possible by Mohi Beyki.
Designer, Developer
Spring 2014
Cafe Bazaar (Android Market)
Cafe Bazaar Tehran, Iran
This is my first professional jobI learned how to use my knowledge in industrial computing works. My main job was constructing the first version of related apps mechanism which suggests users similar apps when they browsing the apps. You may access and download Cafe Bazaar here.
Summer, Fall 2013

Honors And Awards

Outstanding School Service
ACM Student Chapter Excellence Award Winner as Vice-Chair of the University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter New York, USA
DetailsEvery year ACM choose 5 student chapter for their exceptional works in 5 categories. We won this award in student service section. DM Contest and VAHED which I was in charge of, were two key elements to achieve this honor.
Ranked 1st University Student's Olympiad
19th Iran National University Students' Olympiad in Computer Engineering, Tehran, Iran
DetailsThis is a national competition between all of the universities of Iran in different fields. The exams consist of a few key courses such as Data Structures and Algorithm, Operating Systems, Automatha Theory and etc.
Sep 2014
Ranked 9th ACM ICPC Regional Contest
15th ACM ICPC Regional Contest, Tehran site As a member of "Razzle Dazzlers of Fantassterz", with Aryaz Eghbali and Mohsen Mahdie
Dec 2013
Ranked 3rd Rescue Simulation League
IranOpen Robocup Competition 2012 Rescue Simulation Leauge, as the leader of Eskilas Team, with AliMohammad Foroutan-Nejad
DetailsRescue Simulation is a multi-agent platform which simulates a city after an earthquake. The buildings are collapsed, the civilians are trapped inside the building and the fire are spreading through the city. There are 3 agents (Ambulance, FireBrigade and Police) which should co-operate together in order to save the city.
Mar 2012
Silver Medal Iran National Olympiad in Informatics
20th Iran National Olympiad in Informatics
DetailsAfter passing 3 competetive exams I finnally admitted to be part of a selected (around) 40 students in the whole country. This is a national Olympiad which prepares students to participate in IOI .
Sep 2010
Ranked 2nd Khwarizmi Young Award
11th Khwarizmi Young Award, Tehran, Iran Robotic Competition - Rescue Agent Simulation, with Aryaz Eghbali
DetailsThis competition, which was held in national level, is focused on young talented students in many fields,
Oct 2009

Teaching Experience

Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Dr. Zarrabizadeh - Sharif University of Technology Dr. Sadjad - University of Tehran Dr. Asadpour - University of Tehran
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2016 - Spring 2015 - Spring 2014
Computer Simulation
Dr. Ahmadi - Sharif University of Technology
Chief Teaching Assistant
Spring 2016
Software Engineering Lab
Dr. Khosravi - University of Tehran
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2015
Discrete Mathematics
Dr. Mohammadi - University of Tehran I provided DM Contest for this course.
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2015 - Fall 2014 - Spring 2013
Data Structures and Algorithms
Dr. Faili - University of Tehran In this course, as a TA, I tried to prepare students to think in an algorithmic way and feel the applications of Data Structures and Algorithms in other aspects of computer science. Here are 3 assignments (In Persian) which I designed to fulfil these goals 1- A modelling HomeWork 2- Its answers (Which are another homework) 3- The final project.
Teaching Assistant
Spring 2014 - Fall 2013
Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Moradi - University of Tehran
Teaching Assistant
Spring 2014
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Allame Helli High school

Leadership and Membership

Special issue for ACM ICPC Regional
F1 is the scientific journal of ACM student chapter of University of Terhan. You may find the electronical issue here.
Chief Editor
Fall 2015
ACM Student Chapter
This is the scientific student chapter in University of Tehran which is under supervision of ACM. You may access it here. One of my main concerns back there was encouraging students to learn more in computer science and involve in the chapter's activities. I introduce a new concept of classes, called The circle (in persian "حلقه"), that was focused on doing a practical project besides learning theoretical concepts. For example VAHED has been produced in a Circle which I taught the freshmen students Ruby on Rails.
Rescue Simulation League
Eskilas Team Allame Helli High School


- Persian: native - English: fluent - Current Score TOEFL iBT 99 (Reading 25, Listening 30, Speaking 19, Writing 25) (Expired) TOEFL iBT 102 (Reading 28, Listening 27, Speaking 22, Writing 25)
Programming Languages
- Expert in C/C++ - Proficient in Python, Ruby - Familiar with Java, PHP, JavaScript, C#
PostgreSQL, Neo4j, MongoDB


Comic books
Batman, Deathstroke, Justice League (Just DC)
A Batman Fan
Playing the Guitar and Harmonica
Amateurish Guitarist